USATF Ohio Association Spring Newsletter


March 15, 2020

I wanted to get a newsletter update to you as members of the Ohio Association. Although the
March meeting was cancelled in the wake of the COVID-19 virus I wanted to assure you that
your association officers are still working hard for you.

To those of you who would have received awards at the March meeting we are sorry that can’t
happen. However we want to make sure we recognize you for your accomplishments and will
be posting those winners on our website. We will also make sure you receive those awards.

Currently the board has scheduled a meeting for mid-April in hopes of getting together to
review and decide on events for the coming months. We know that this virus has taken a toll
on the track and field season at all levels. However we will continue to plan for the summer
months with the hope this virus will be in our distant past.

To our officials, this is a good time to become more familiar with events that you may not be
officiating and work toward advancing your skills in those areas. We also want to take this
opportunity to thank you for your work this past winter at those events you worked. If you
know someone who is interested in becoming an official you can reach out to Len Krsak, Ohio
Certification Chair, at

As the Governor has stated the parks are open and encourages us to get out and enjoy nature.
For those of you who run and walk, we are sure you have already planned to be out and staying
in shape for the summer season. For those of you who jump and throw I am sure that you have
already put thought into how you plan to stay in shape during these times.

Coaches this too may be an opportunity for you to find some online classes that may have some
ideas for you that can be used once we are all back together again. If you have any suggestions
on where coaches can find this information, reach out to Scott Rose who is our webmaster and
I’m sure he will be happy to put that information on line for you.

In the meantime, please stay safe and follow the guidelines set in place by your local
governments and health organizations. Stay up with the ever changing landscape by following
us on our website and other means of social media.

Karen Krsak
President, USATF Ohio Association