The purpose of this Association is to encourage, improve and promote the sport of Amateur Track & Field in the State of Ohio.

Ohio is a member of the USATF Association's North Region, which includes the following Associations: Dakotas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Lake Erie, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Valley, Nebraska, Ohio, Ozark, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

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Brief History of the Ohio Association of USA Track & Field

In December of 1983, a group of dedicated track and field enthusiasts gathered together to form the Ohio Athletic Congress of The Athletics Congress. Those individuals, Vince Peters, Harold Martin, Rebecca Armstrong, Jim Snow, Timothy Melfi and Scott Miller wished to combine their resources to promote the original athletics in the State of Ohio. In October of 1993, they changed their name to the Ohio Association of USA Track & Field.

Ohio TAC Presidents
Vince Peters ~ Dec. 1983 to Sept. 1987
Bob Garner ~ Sept. 1987 to Feb. 1988
Vince Peters ~ Feb. 1988 to Sept. 1989
Curtis Stitt ~ Sept. 1989 to Sept. 1993

Ohio USATF Presidents
Jim Engel ~ Sept. 1993 to Sept. 1997
Linda Melzer ~ Sept. 1997 to Sept. 2001
Karen Krsak ~ Sept. 2001 to Sept. 2014
Randal Hopkins ~ Sept. 2014 to Sept. 2016
Karen Krsak ~ Sept. 2016 to Present

Thank You Madame President

As I begin my term a President of our Ohio Association of USA Track and Field, I would first like to thank Karen Krsak for all the time, energy, and thought that she has put in to the position for the last decade plus of her tenure. Karen has been encouraging and she has been frank. When there was work to be done, she found the people for the job and made sure it got done. If you had a notion that did not square up with the realities of USATF, Karen was not shy about letting you know it. This association has benefited greatly from her leadership and I have benefited greatly from her guidance.

Randal Hopkins
President, Ohio Association USATF

A Letter from Our Association President ~ August 1, 2014

A Letter from Our Association President ~ Jan. 2014