USATF Ohio Association May 2017 Newsletter

Words from the President
As we begin another outdoor season there is excitement in the air.  Hopefully you check the USATF Ohio website often for updated information on events and activities in your association.
The biggest event this year will be the USATF Annual Meeting being held downtown Columbus for 2017 and 2018.  Great opportunity to register for the event and find out there is more to track & field then run, jump, throw and walk.

We are also going to be looking for up to 10 adult members to join us during the annual meeting.  There will be more information posted on the website about this great opportunity.

From our Racewalk Chair, Barbara Hensley
You can find the results of the Association 20K and the optional distances of 5K and 10K posted on the website.  The weather was quite warm and very humid in Portsmouth on April 30th.  Thankful however that the thunderstorms took a long enough break to get the event completed.  The local organizing committee did a great job for us and they are looking forward to a repeat on September 10th for the Association 10K.

Congrats to Susan Randall.
Randall wins bronze at Pan American Race Walk Cup
LIMA, Peru -- Susan Randall led the way for Team USATF at the 2017 Pan American Race Walk Cup in Lima, Peru taking bronze in the women’s 50 km in 5:02:10.
From our LDR Chair, Paige Biglin
USATF Half Marathon Championship was held in Columbus on April 29th.  This was a great opportunity to show off the city of Columbus.

The Columbus 10k will be hosting the USATF ~ Ohio championship again this year on the classic downtown Columbus course. Prize money will be awarded for top 3 open and top masters male and female USATF ~ Ohio runners. The date is June 4.

Our NEW half marathon championship race will be the Muddy Mini half marathon in Toledo on June 17 with an interesting point-to-point course. Prize money is available here as well for top 3 open and top masters male and female runners.

From our Youth Chair, Yolanda Freeman
Yolanda was elected at our March meeting. So from our new chair we have these words.

To the head of the association, members of the committee, and all coaches. It is my pleasure  Yolanda A. Freeman to introduce myself as the new USATF Youth Chair. I promise to work hard to fix what isn't working maintain what is working and to create change that better our program for the youth of Ohio.

I feel as if the best way to approach a new relationship with different responsibilities and direction is to come into the situation with open mind, Listening ears and a trustworthy optimism of the situation.

Furthermore I would like you to know a little more about me so that you have a better idea of myself and my values. So I can show you the foundation of my thought process.

Well but of course my name is Yolanda A. Freeman. I have lived in Ohio all of any life. I have raised my four amazing children I have sent two of my children to college pushing my baby into that direction. All four of my children were athletic through school and I had pushed them in the sport they have excelled in since an early age. I believe that athleticism helps the fundamental development of our youths trust, time management, cooperation skill, and team building.

I look forward to meeting/speaking with you during our upcoming season.

Best regards,
Yolanda Freeman
USATF Youth Chair
USATF Certified Official
From our outgoing Youth Chair, Fritz Spielman.
Thank You to the Ohio Association Youth Community
I enjoyed being your youth chair for the last 13 years, and want to thank everyone for their support over those years.   I will continue to be involved in our youth program, and look forward to seeing you at meets throughout the year.
Hope everyone will give our new youth chair Yolanda Freeman a warm welcome and continue with your support of the Ohio Association youth program.
Thanks again,
Fritz Spielman
From our Masters and Open Chair’s, Duane Gosa and Jim Engel
On June 24th join us at the Ohio Open and Master’s Outdoor Championship which will be held in Whitehall, Ohio.  Check the website for all the details.

From our Official’s Certification Chair, Len Krsak
As of May 23, 2017, the USATF Ohio Association has re-certified 132 officials for the 2017-2020 Olympiad. 

Breakdown by Level 

An additional 20 applications are pending for various reasons lack of a USATF membership, incomplete SafeSport course and/or lack of Background Screening.

Re-certification Numbers
Re-certification numbers are somewhat down from previous Olympiads due to new requirements regarding certification 1) Being a member of USATF 2) Completing a SafeSport course and 3) Completing a Background screening.

Officials Shirts
Many Ohio officials have received their free shirt. For those that have not received their shirt contact Desiree Friedman at USATF’s office

Rule Books
Len Krsak has an inventory of both USATF and NCAA rule books, cost $10.00 each. Contact Len (, in order to order books.

2018 USATF Ohio Associations’ Annual Clinic
Plans are under way to conduct the Annual Clinic on the last Sunday of January 2018. Location is still to be determined. We are looking for suggestions as to topics to be discussed and volunteers to be presenters. 

As many of you are aware there have been several accidents regarding throwing events this year. When working these events think Safety First Eyes back towards the ring, No cell phone usage, No discussions when retrieving, Stay alert, Make sure there is a proper cage for conducting the Hammer/Discus events. Do not conduct an event in darkness without proper lighting. Keep athletes out of the sector, make sure spectators are in a safe zone. Safety!   Safety!   Safety!!!