USATF Associations Newsletter Aug 2017


2017 USATF Annual Meeting

Scheduling Information
The full schedule for the Annual Meeting is being finalized and will be available online in September. Please keep the following key meetings in mind as you plan your travel.
  • Wednesday, November 29 - Association Workshop
  • Thursday, November 30 - Sunday, December 3 - Annual Meeting
  • Saturday, December 2 - Jesse Owens Banquet
Registration Information
Online registration is open now through November 12th with the late fee charged for any registration after October 31. Registration is $195 per person; the late fee is $250. Additionally, there is a refundable $20 registration fee. This fee will be refunded after the event along with your Association's $1,000 travel reimbursement, so long as the criteria for attendance is met. To receive the refund, your Association representative must attend all workshop sessions including breakfast and lunch.

Travel Information
Hotel reservations can be made once registration is confirmed. Each attendee can book one room per registration confirmation. Rooms booked without a valid registration confirmation are subject to cancellation. The link to online hotel bookings will be emailed with registration confirmation.

Rooms are limited, and reservations will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis. The USATF housing block may be filled before the cutoff date so book your rooms as soon as possible.

Governance Information
2017 is a Law & Legislation year at this year's USATF Annual Meeting, therefore, general amendment proposals to the Bylaws and Operating Regulations will be considered.

The Law & Legislation Committee is asking that amendments be submitted by September 1. This will allow proper review and submission to USATF members, as well as to our Law & Legislation Chair, Jim Murphy. To submit an amendment, email Jim Murphy,, and copy USATF General Counsel, Norman Wain,

Association Annual Meeting Reminders
  • Associations need to send notification to each member no later than 30 days before in addition to posting on Associations website with meeting details.
  • Associations' bylaws cannot be considered for revision unless notification of any change(s) are posted 30 days prior to Associations Annual Meeting.

Association Accreditation Updates

The Association Accreditation Subcommittee met in Indianapolis in July. Updated correspondence on all Association accreditation status will be emailed soon.

Annual Meeting Grant in Aid
The Associations Committee has $20,000 to distribute to Associations for attendance to the 2017 Annual Meeting. This grant is primarily for smaller associations who have had financial difficulties in assisting delegates with funding for the meeting.

All Associations may apply but preference will be given to Associations by the following:
  1. Associations that are provisionally accredited
  2. Associations with less than ($35,000 - $40,000) in reserve 
  3. Associations that had trouble getting eight delegates to the Annual Meeting for the past five (5) years
Associations may submit the following for expenses:
  1. Registration to Annual Meeting
  2. Transportation (air and/or ground)
  3. Hotel Accommodations
To receive reimbursement:
  1. Submit all expense sheets, receipts and documentation by email to Associations Committee Treasurer Richard Messenger before December 20, 2017
  2. Each grant delegate must submit a brief written summary of meetings attended or your association will not be considered for future AEC grants
  3. All documents and receipts must be submitted in one document The deadline for online submissions is November 5th. Associations will be notified by November 12th.

Club Cross Country Travel Grant Program
USATF_2017_NAT_Club_XC_Championship_LogoIn a continual effort to boost attendance at the Association Cross Country Championships, a travel grant program for USATF Open and Masters Clubs is available for the 2017 year.

To apply, a Club must compete and win their local Association Cross Country Championships, and they must travel to Lexington, Kentucky to compete in the 2017 USATF National Club Cross Country Championships held December 9. A full list of criteria and the application can be found on the USATF website.

We look forward to seeing the participation increase at the Association Championships and seeing your club in Lexington!

Questions can be sent directly to

The Association Resource Center is your one-stop shop for timely information
The Online Resource Center is divided into five key areas to support Association leaders. Here you will find training modules for everyday tasks like date-of-birth verifications; resources specific to your position like medal order forms and accreditation information; and much more. The Association Resource Center is continually updated to ensure all Associations have necessary resources available day or night.