Ohio Association 2018 Winter Newsletter

Let me start by saying THANK YOU to all of those who volunteered to help at the USATF Annual Meeting held here in Columbus.  We will host the meeting again in 2018 so be prepared that if you volunteered this year, plan again for 2018.  I was told that our volunteer group was one of the best ever. So happy that we put our best foot forward.

We had a few people take advantage of our offer to pay their registration fee and parking so they could attend their first annual meeting.  From the pictures I’ve seen and those who I talked too they were excited to meet new people and find out that USATF is not just a run, jump, throw and walk organization.

Also a big WAHOO to the Columbus Sports Commission and to Ariana Tyler and Erica Cornell for planning and hosting with us a great fun event at Callahan’s in the Short North.  The Youth and Association Workshop attendees were provided a couple of drink tickets and a great spread of various types of appetizers.  I was told by many it was a lot of fun, they were able to get out of the hotel and found some great places in Columbus on the Short North.

We also have an association meeting scheduled for March 4th so be sure to get that information once we get the location and agenda posted on the website.  To provide you a little flavor of the types of meetings your delegation attended I have pulled out a few snippets below:

Association Committee meetings:  As President I am your representative to the committee and your voice as to issues and concerns that we see.  The meetings were interesting and useful as we move into the New Year.  Some of the discussion was around L & L items that will affect each association, Association Grants which we can apply for, and Association Grant in Aid which allows small associations to apply for funds to help get additional delegates to the annual meeting.
IAAF Women’s Commission meeting was interesting and there are two complete reports posted.  We meet a couple of times a year and are looking for ways to promote women in the sport.  We had a very productive session and great ideas were put on the floor.  Hope we can attract more attendees at the 2018 meeting.
USATF Board of Directors Meeting: The Accreditation Subcommittee came before the board with a request to make changes to the current standards that each association must adhere to.  The board with the recommendation of the Association Committee and Organizational Services approved the changes and will be effective in 2018.
  • Officials Change – Associations with 3 million or less in population must have a minimum of 30 certified officials, associations between 3 and 10 million will have a minimum of 1 certified official per 100,000 of population and associations with 10 million or more in population must have a minimum of 100 certified officials.
  • Delegates to the Annual Meeting – In the past all associations needed to have 8 delegates attend the meeting each year.  However for some of our smaller associations found it difficult to finance this.  The change is now that associations below 2 million in population will need to have 4 delegates, between 2 and 3 million, 6 delegates and over 3 million must continue to have 8 attend.
Race Walk Meeting
  • For 50k events only, allow minimum entry standard to be met at additional events
    • Use best times to select by rank
    • Athletes do NOT have to compete at Olympic Trials to be considered
    • Top 5 who make standard at Trials are on Team, can’t be bumped by someone qualifying at another event; next 5 places will be filled by rank by those who meet “B” standard
  • Standards for other distances were accepted as presented
  • Decisions of RW judges can’t be over ruled
  • Accepted IAAF time penalties for Pit Lane; time varies by event distance
  • Locations for National Championships were set for all distances but 10K which had no bids
  • Awards
    • Jack Mortland received USATF Alumni Award for publishing Ohio Racewalker from 1965-2016. He is in process of scanning/having issues scanned and posted on-line
    • Cameron Haught: The Henry Laskau JR Athlete (Male) trophy and 1st place in Jr. Grand Prix
    • Taylor Ewert: The Henry Laskau JR Athlete (Female) trophy
    • Katie Burnett was recognized for setting both USA and World records in 35, 40, 50K
  • Rules
    • Pit Lane must be used at qualifying races for Team USA (IAAF is adding Pit Lane for ALL races)
    • JO meets will use time penalty for 3rd Red Card whether or not Pit Lane is used.
    • Made some wording changes – see full report posted on website for details
  • Competition News
    • Encourage participation in WMA events with $100-135K budget to reward top finishers
    • Junior Team USA had some major glitches on their Peru trip
    • GA Association shared how US-Canada Dual Meet was celebrated, publicized, conducted
      • VERY nice 24 page full-color program perks for competitors, officials, volunteers!!
      • Had $24,000 budget + lots of donated services
USATF Men’s Long Distance Running General Meeting
Athletes Advisory: Jeff Porter is following up with the board; they want bidding for future sites (Marathon Trials).  Have specific athletes go to site to view and be able to have their input.  They want to know what the athletes are looking for.
Coaching Education: by middle of 2019 adding on a coach’s registry.  Want to improve professionalism of the sport.  There will be recertification for leveled coaches and they will be able to go online to take the test.  

Masters Track & Field
 Baton Rouge was awarded the bid for the 2020 Indoors National Championship.
  • The Games committee will be making sites visits to Buffalo, New York and Greensboro, North Carolina to make report on the two sites for the members of voting delegates to vote for the 2020 Outdoors Championship. This will be voted online within the year of 2018.
  • The Master board has made a pitch our Governing Board on how we can make the Master #1 in the world by offering traveling funds for our tops masters in their age group events and as well prizes money for medaling at the WMA . This could bring more of our top master athlete to compete in these International Championship.
 Long Distance Running
One major focus of the LDR division as a whole at this time is soliciting and accepting bids for the 2020 Olympic Trials Marathon. Many cities have received a request for proposal and the intent to bid paperwork has been available to any local organizing committee since 11/17. The intent to bid is due 1/5/18. The complete bid is due 3/19. The selection committee is seeking a site that will host both men’s and women’s trials in January-March 2020 as well as the 2019 USATF championship (at any time that year). For 2020, NBC is paying the cost of broadcast (approx. $400,000) but requires the above time window.
On a related note, LDR would like to remind hopeful athletes that they must run their qualifying times in marathons (or halves) that are not only certified but USATF (or IAAF) sanctioned. This is something that USATF-Ohio should help to publicize within our association.
The IAAF has a new rule which states that an athlete may be helped back to vertical after a fall without penalty of disqualification. There was a long discussion over whether LDR should recommend a similar rule be adopted by USATF, whether the rule should state who could potentially help an athlete, and potential ramifications of such a rule. In the end we did vote for it.
Officials Meeting
  • There were several rule changes that were passed that will be effective 2018. Be sure to check the USATF website document library for all the details. (This is for USATF only, not NCAA).
  • A new insurance plan, at no costs to individuals or Associations, was introduced for official’s concerning liability at meets.
  • A new program purposed by NOC Chair Mike Armstrong to the USATF board concerning new and younger officials was presented. This is an idea of a “Jr Official Program” for individuals 14 to 17 years old to help recruit them into the group. There is some special consideration to this age group due to the background check requirement.
  •  New training programs for officials will be introduced in 2018 to include modular training, hands on training and online video training. Be sure to watch for more from the USATF training committee.
 For all the reports including the full report of the ones above, please go to our association website for additional reading.
 Karen Krsak
President, Ohio Association