USATF Ohio Association September 2018 Executive Board and Semi-Annual General Membership Meeting scheduled.
USATF Midwest Region Newsletter Richard Messenger, USATF Midwest Region Representative July 30, 2018
Taylor Ewert of Beavercreek and member Southwest Ohio TC broke the 10000 meter Junior Race Walk record by more than 3 minutes
2018 will be a very busy year in the Ohio Association. The USATF Annual Meeting will be here again this year. The Ohio Association will be having association championships again this summer and fall.
Join us Sunday March 4, 2018 at Spring Hollow Lodge adjacent to Sharon Woods in Westerville Ohio for our Winter/Spring Ohio Association Board and General Membership Meeting. Come and be an active part of your association as we try to move into the future.
Let me start by saying THANK YOU to all of those who volunteered to help at the USATF Annual Meeting held here in Columbus. We will host the meeting again in 2018 so be prepared that if you volunteered this year, plan again for 2018. I was told that our volunteer group was one of the best ever. So happy that we put our best foot forward. We had a few people take advantage of our offer to pay their registration fee and parking so they could attend their first annual meeting. From the pictures I’ve seen and those who I talked too they were excited to meet new people and find out that USATF is not just a run, jump, throw and walk organization.
I wanted to update you with some news from USATF ~ Ohio.
We are excited to present our new association website!