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Event Logo Ohio Association 3000m Indoor RW Championships
Friday, January 25, 2019 - Friday, January 25, 2019
University of Findlay
Findlay, OH
On-Time Entry Deadline: 1/25/2019 3:23:26 PM
Late Entry Deadline: 1/25/2019 3:23:36 PM

The 2019 USATF Ohio Association 3000m Indoor Race Walk Championship will be Friday, January 25, 2019 at the University of Findlay. The championship race will be in conjunction with the Findlay Classic that same weekend.

Contact Barbara Hensley at for additional infromation.

More details to be posted as Barb H. puts the championship together. Please check back.

This will be a USATF Sanctioned event.
John Cody Risch went out in 45 seconds for the first 200m, walked thru 1600m in 6:10 and finished on 11:45 to notch an 11 second personal best. Cornerstone University red-shirt Sam Elmi was 2nd in 13:25.26 as both athletes nailed spots on the starting line of the Tom Eastler - USATF 1 Mile Race Walk Championships at the NYRRC Millrose Games on February 9th. This weekend is the last weekend for qualifying as the deadline for entries is Sunday, January 27th.

Greenon High School junior, Sean Glaze, the defending 2018 New Balance High School indoor and outdoor national T&F champion in the race walk was 3rd overall and first for Ohio athletes in the Association Championship division.

Women's RW judge Joel Pfaher did a quick superman spin in the "trackside phone booth" to change from the uniform of RW Judge to his AIA singlet and shorts before he stepped to the starting line..

Ohio USATF 3000m Indoor RW Championships (MEN)
1) John Cody Risch - Q Elite - 11:45.76
2) Sam Elmi - unattahed - 13:25.58
3) Sean Glaze - unattached - 13:58.26
4) Joel Pfahler - Athletes In Action - 14:19.05
5) David Swartz - Pegasus AC - 14:25.22
6) Dean Freitag - Rio Grande University - 14:29.31
7) Ben Hofstra - Cornerstone University - 15:15.18
8) Omar Nash - Southwest Ohio TC - 17:53.83
9) Vince Peters - Chicago Walkers - 18:53.41
-- Brian Bohl - unattached - DQ

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

Women's champ Erika Shaver also did that super spin in the proverbial trackside phone booth after her win to become a sharp eyed, red card writing, paddle wielder for the men's race. Her mile split was 8:14. Former Maine high school star Siana Emery, a junior at Goshen College, was second. Cornerstones D'Amaie Davis, a sophomore from the Maryland high school race walk program finished 3rd.

Ohio USATF 3000m Indoor RW Championships (WOMEN)
1) Erica Shaver - unattached - 15:09.41
2) Siana Emery - Goshen College - 16:34.55
3) D'Amaie Davis - Cornerstone Univ - 16:55.40
4) Haley Bickford - Goshen College - 17:06.98
5) Liz Larsen - Concordia University - 17:17.58
6) Kelsey Billingsley - Cornerstone Univ - 18:34.38
7) Joyce Prohaska - unattached - 20:44.83

Judges: Jo Burrows, Mary Jannausch, Barb Barbara Hensley, Joel Pfahler, Erica Shaver, Shadow judge Jacob GunderKline (asst Coach Goshen College). DQ Board - Eric Zemper.